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Fortunately, there are plenty of reputable Los Gatos movers to choose from. They’ll help make the transition as smooth as possible, taking care of everything from packing up your belongings to safely delivering them to your new home.

So if you’re pondering on a move to or from Los Gatos, be sure to give one of these companies a call.

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We pack our trucks tightly and professionally to minimize impact


The Right Company to Service Your Move

When it comes time to find long-distance movers, you want to be sure that you’re researching and finding the best full-service moving carrier for the job. There are a number of things you’ll want to keep in mind when searching for a moving carrier:

What kind of services do they offer?

There are many different types of long-distance movers in Los Gatos that offer various services. Depending on your moving needs, you should have many a moving carrier to filter, though.

commercial residential moving companyInterstate Move, Local Move, California Move?

Some movers only service local moves within the Bay Area and cannot offer you an interstate move if you need one.

Some Los Gatos moving companies offer essential relocation services, such as packing and loading your belongings into a moving truck. Other movers provide more specialized services, such as moving delicate or expensive items. It’s important to research different movers and compare their prices and services before deciding which one is right for you.

Spoiled for choice

If you’re looking for professional movers who service the Los Gatos area, there are a few reputable companies that you can consider. Do not feel like you are stuck with only one flavor to choose from. There is a moving carrier out there just for you!

Are they licensed and insured?

It is essential to ask the Los Gatos carriers if they are licensed and insured. If something happens during your move, you will want to make sure that the mover is insured if they damage your belongings.

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Research Your Movers Credentials

Make sure your Los Gatos moving carrier is licensed with Santa Clara County and with the US Dept of Transportation and the American Moving and Storage Association.

What is their reputation like?

It is also paramount to carry out due diligence on the reputation of the local moving companies in Los Gatos. Ask your friends and relatives if they have had any good or bad experiences with a particular mover.

movers online reviewsOnline Reviews

You can also check out internet review websites, such as Yelp, to read what other people have said about their experience with a certain mover. Type in “Los Gatos Moving Reviews.”

A movers’ reputation in the moving industry is paramount. Any good mover in the Los Gatos area will ensure they perform an outstanding job throughout the whole moving process, so you have nothing to worry about.

How much do they charge?

One of the most important aspects to take into account when hiring movers in Los Gatos is how much it will cost. Be sure to get a free quote from multiple movers in the Los Gatos area and compare prices before you decide on your moving team.


Cheapest not best

Keep in mind that the cheapest option is not always the best option. If a Los Gatos mover is offering a meager price, there may be a reason for it. Make sure to peruse the reviews of any company you’re considering and ask around for recommendations to find a reputable, affordable mover in the Los Gatos area.

When it comes time for a long-distance move out of the Bay Area, it’s essential to do your research and find the best full-service moving carrier in Los Gatos for the job. There are many things.

How is their customer service?

Great customer service is another of the most important things to look for when choosing a full-service moving company in Los Gatos.

You want to be rest assured knowing that you’re able to communicate with your Los Gatos movers and members of their office team with friendly service if there are any problems or questions.

Make sure to ask the movers about their customer service policies and procedures.

  • How do they handle complaints?
  • Will my moving coordinator be reachable throughout the whole process?
  • Do they have a customer service phone number or email address?
  • How quickly do they respond to messages?

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los gatos MoversNarrowing Down Your Los Gatos Moving Company Options

Once you’ve thinned down your search to a few companies in Los Gatos, it’s time to start asking some questions. Here are a few of the questions you’ll want to ask:

Do they have any references I can check?

When you are vetting potential movers in the Bay Area, it’s always a good idea to ask for customer references. This will give you a bit of an idea of the excellent service (or lack thereof) that you can expect from the company.

Be sure to ask the customers just what their experience with the moving services was like and whether they were happy with the final outcome.

  • Had the movers arrived on the moving day at the time they specified?
  • Were the movers super careful with your belongings?
  • Did all the movers chip in, or was there only one or two hard-working guys managing the entire house while the other movers lazed around?
  • Do you feel like you received a fair price for the moving services you received?
  • Was the customer service team super responsive?
  • Did the delivery movers arrive in a timely manner?
  • In the future, would you use them for the second or third time around?


Are they willing to do a walk-through of my home so they can give me an estimate?

When you’re looking for a Los Gatos mover, it’s essential to get one that will carry out a walk-through of your home. This is so they can give you an accurate estimate of how much your move will cost.

If they don’t do a walk-through, they may not be aware of all the complications and extra work that may be involved in your move.

A free moving walk-through of your home is a service that will help you determine the cost of your long-distance move. The walk-through is an opportunity for the best movers to get to know your belongings and provide you with a pinpointed estimate for your upcoming move.

You can be sure that the price quoted is the price you will pay, so there are no surprises on the moving day.

damaged box

moving damage and liabilityWhat is their policy on damage and liability?

When you’re looking for a Los Gatos mover, you want to be sure that they have a damage and liability policy in place. This will protect you in case any of your belongings are damaged or lost during the move.

If the movers don’t have a damage and liability policy in place, you could be out of pocket for any damages that occur.

Be sure to inquire with these movers about their policy and what is covered before you sign any contracts.


What is their policy on packing and unpacking?

Do the Los Gatos movers offer packing and unpacking services? If that is the case, then you need to be sure to ask about their policy on this.

Some movers in the greater San Jose area will go the extra mile and offer packing services, which can add to the cost of your move but can also turn around what could be a very stressful day. Other movers will only offer basic loading and unloading services, which will help you save money but leaves you doing all the box packing.

white glove movers san joseDo the movers offer a white glove service?

When you’re moving out of Los Gatos, the last thing you want to think about is packing. Packing takes time effort and can be pretty frustrating. That’s where an extremely professional full-packing service comes in handy.

Many movers offer Full-packing services, and they can take care of everything for you – from packing your boxes to loading them up onto the truck.

It’s important to know what services the movers offer so you can budget accordingly.

If you’re looking for a full-packing service, Pink Elephant movers are a great option. We have many extensive years of experience packing and moving items, and they know how to do a fantastic job quickly and efficiently. Plus, we can help you with any special requests such as crating.

pool table moving

Do these movers offer specialist moves?

If you’re moving a piano, a pool table, or any other specialty item, it’s essential to find the best movers that have experience with this type of move.

Movers that offer specialist moves will have the knowledge and experience to transport your item without any damage safely.

Ask the movers if they offer specialist moves, and if they don’t, see if they have any contacts who can help you out.

For example, if you do not need to hire specialist piano movers because your Los Gatos mover offers piano moving services, you can save a lot of time and money. Your piano will be blanketed and strapped onto a pallet to keep it from moving during transport.

your long-distance move iconHow long have they been in business?

When you’re vetting potential movers in the Los Gatos/San Jose area for your long-distance move, it’s always a bright idea to ask how long they’ve been in business.

This will give you an idea of the company’s experience and whether they are likely to be around for the long haul.

If the company has been operating for a short time, they may not have the experience necessary to carry out your long-distance move.

Be sure to ask the company about all of their experience and what moves they have carried out in the past before making any decisions.

What kind of insurance do they have?

When you’re choosing a long-distance mover, it’s important to ask about their insurance policy.

Movers should have liability insurance in case any of their belongings are damaged or lost during the move.

If the long-distance movers don’t have insurance, you could be out of pocket for any damages that occur.

By Federal Law, a moving company MUST provide you a Limited Liability Coverage of $0.60 per lb. per article (which is standard and included in your price).

There are several other options that you can choose from to ensure your goods with full coverage:


Renters or Homeowners Insurance – Should you have.

Your current insurance provider may already have relocation coverage included in your policy with them, and that may involve the use of professional moving services.

It is worth giving your policyholder a call before you begin to spend more money.

MovingInsurance (888-893-8835) or any other third-party insurance company.

You can get it through a third-party provider if you’re looking for moving insurance. This provider will work with your movers to bring you the best policy possible. They’ll be able to help you find coverage that meets your needs and budget.

moving insurance agency

Through your moving company.

When you are choosing a moving company, it is crucial to find one that offers full value insurance. This will protect your belongings in case of any damage or loss during the move. Many companies offer this coverage, but it is crucial to purchase it directly from the moving company rather than through a third party. This way, you know that you are getting the full protection you need.

Be sure to ask the movers about their insurance policy and what is covered before you sign any contracts.

Pink Elephants On The Move!

Once you’ve asked all of your questions, it’s time to make a decision. Be sure to read reviews and compare prices before making your final decision. When you choose the right movers, your move will be smooth and easy.

Los Gatos to San Jose Movers iconThe Best Los Gatos/San Jose Movers

If you’re looking for a the most reliable and affordable moving company, Pink Elephant Movers is a perfect choice. We offer all of our clients a varied range of services, and we’re licensed and insured.

We have a fantastic reputation in the community, and we’re proud to say that we’ve been in business for over ten years.

We Pick Up From All Across The Bay

From Los Gatos to Santa Cruz and Santa Clara to Silicon Valley, we service moves all over the San Francisco Bay Area and nearby Antioch and Morgan Hill.

Full moving ServicesFull Service

We have a wide range of trucks and equipment to help us do an excellent job moving your belongings safely and efficiently. We also provide packing and unpacking services, as well as storage solutions to make your move as stress-free as possible.

The Right Decision

When you choose Pink Elephant Movers, you can rest assured that you’re making the right decision. We’re a family-owned and operated company, and we’re dedicated to providing quality service at an affordable price. We offer as many services as you need, and we’re always here to help do an amazing job moving you out of your home.

All-In-One Movers iconAll-In-One Movers

Whether you are moving out of a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco, a storage unit in downtown Los Gatos or a palatial house in the Santa Cruz mountains, we have the experience and resources to get your belongings from Point A to Point B safely and efficiently.

No Subcontractors

At Pink Elephant, we take pride in our ability to execute moving services flawlessly without subcontractors. We have a professional team of seasoned, skilled, and experienced moving service providers who will handle your belongings with the utmost care.

We’ll Tailor Your Move!

We will also sit down and work with you to create a move plan that meets your needs and budget. With Pink Elephant, you can rest assured that your move will be a smooth and stress-free experience.

Whether this is your local move, your final move, or simply your next move, we can furnish you with a free estimate with no obligations attached if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable moving services provider. We’re a family-owned and operated business, and we take pride in our work.

We understand that moving can be stressful, so we’ll do everything we can to make the process as easy for you as possible. Contact us this very day to learn more about our services or to schedule a free estimate. We look forward to helping you move!

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Check Out Our Reviews!

Jane K.Jane K.

“I had an amazing experience with Pink Elephant Movers when I relocated from South San Francisco to Bakersfield. The guys were super responsive and communicated with me every step of the way. They took great care of my belongings and ensured that they arrived safely and on time. I would wholeheartedly recommend these guys for anyone looking for a reliable and professional moving company. Thank you, Pink Elephant!”

Steve G.Steve G.

“I’ll miss the walks in the Los Gatos Creek, but I needed to move across the Bay. I had an apartment in downtown Los Gatos and needed help in my local move. Pink Elephants were there to assist. They were quick, efficient, and professional. I would definitely refer them to anyone looking for a reliable moving company.”

Jason S.Jason S.

“When my broker backed out of my San Mateo move at the last minute, I was frantic. I turned to Google for a reputable moving company and found Pink Elephant. They were able to come out the same day and saved the day! The movers were professional and efficient, and they even helped me pack my things up.”

Seanna T.Seanna T.

“I was thrilled with the great service that I received from Pink Elephant. They were able to pick up my belongings from my storage unit in downtown Los Gatos as well as from my old apartment in Santa Cruz.

They were very careful with my belongings and made sure that they were all accounted for. I would gladly promote their services to anyone who is looking for a reliable and affordable moving company.

Soraya L.Soraya L.

“If you are looking for a moving carrier that will take care of your belongings and give you with a great customer service experience, then I would highly recommend contacting Pink Elephant. They are definitely the best moving providers in the Los Gatos area! Thank you for your services.”

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Peter has been working in the moving industry for over 30 years. From carrier to manager at Pink Elephants On The Move. Got a question? Don't hesitate to write us, and ask for Peter.

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Los Gatos is a fun-loving place to live. It’s peaceful and scenic, with plenty of trees and trails in the Los Gatos Creek. However, some residents still need to relocate due to various reasons. Perhaps they’re looking for a bigger house or a change of scenery. No matter the reason, it’s always difficult to leave a place where you’ve put down roots.

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