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Moving out of Northern California

Palo Alto is a great place to live. The weather in the Bay Area is perfect, the people are friendly, you’re less than 30 mins drive from South San Francisco, and there’s always something to do. However, sometimes residents decide to seek out new lives elsewhere. Reasons for this vary but often include a desire for more excitement or a need for a change of scenery. Whatever the reason, Palo Alto movers are always in demand.

San Francisco MoversSF Bay Area Moving Companies

The San Francisco Bay Area is a costly place to live. One of the most expensive cities in the world, to be more accurate. A two-bedroom apartment can often cost more than a four-bedroom house in Florida!

So while the Bay Area’s locations like San Mateo, Menlo Park, and Silicon Valley are always going to be highly sought-after places to live, sometimes your personal finances tell you that you deserve a more stress-free existence and a more affordable place to live.

Movers Palo Alto

This is one of the factors why so many people decide to relocate elsewhere to Northern California and other places. The Palo Alto cost of living makes it difficult for people to afford basic necessities like food and housing.

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Decisions Decisions

People making the long-distance move out of Palo Alto have many options when it comes to choosing a moving company. There are dozens of Bay Area moving companies to choose from, and all of them claim to be the best.

long distance moving palo altoWhich Moving Company?

How can you know which company is right for you and what are the best moving services you can avail of?

Moving Company with Experience

One easy formula to find out is to read online reviews. If you’re looking for a long-distance moving company within the Bay Area, it’s crucial to choose a moving team that has experience with local moves. Otherwise, your possessions could end up being damaged or lost in transit.

Bottom Line

Another important thing to bear in mind is the price. Moving can be expensive, so it’s essential to find a company that offers competitive rates.

family owned moving companyTrustworthiness

Finally, it’s important to opt for a company that you can trust. Make sure to read reviews from past customers and get references if possible.

When you’re moving, it’s important to trust your moving company. They will have a lot of experience moving furniture and other items and know the best way to do it without damaging anything. Make sure to communicate with them about what you want to be moved and when, and they will take care of the rest.

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Think About It

When choosing a Palo Alto moving service, be sure to consider these factors. By doing your research, you’ll be able to find the trusted movers for your needs and relax knowing that your belongings are in good hands with great guys.

Frequently Asked Questions for Movers Palo Alto

  • How can I get estimates from movers?
  • Can you provide transportation for my belongings?
  • What charges will I incur with moving companies?
  • Who is responsible if my items are damaged in transit?
  • Do your movers offer packing services or do I need to find someone else for this service as well?
  • Do you have any pointers to assist me prepare for my move?
  • What is your policy on returning deposits?
  • Are there any ancillary charges that I should be aware of?
  • What kind of insurance do your movers have?
  • Can I trust your movers with my most precious belongings?
  • Why can’t I get an instant online quote? Why must I need to speak to somebody about it?
  • Are you guys a moving carrier or a broker?
  • I’m not sure how many packing boxes I will be moving! How can this quote be accurate?
  • How are estimates that are based on space better than those based on weight?
  • How specifically do you calculate the cubic feet of my furniture over the phone?
  • Great customer service is important to me. Can I count on your company to remain in contact with me the entire time?

How can I get estimates from movers?

Your average moving company will typically provide free estimates to potential customers. In order to receive an estimate, you will need to provide the company with information about your move, like the date of your relocation, the number of boxes you plan to move, and the distance of your move. You can typically get estimates from multiple companies, so be sure to compare rates before selecting a mover.

moving transportCan you provide transportation for my belongings?

Many movers in Palo Alto offer both packing and transportation services. If you need help transporting your belongings, be sure to ask the moving company if they provide this service.

When plumping on a moving company, it is important to consider if the movers have their own vehicles, movers, and drivers.

First, make sure that the company has its own vehicles. This will ensure that your belongings are transported in a moving truck owned by the movers.

Second, be sure that the company has its movers rather than subcontractors. This will guarantee that all the furniture will be handled with care.

Finally, ask about the company’s drivers. Drivers should be experienced and knowledgeable in order to ensure a smooth move.

moving with belongings

What charges will I incur with moving companies?

A local move will be priced differently than a long-distance move.

Local movers typically charge by the hour, with rates that can vary. With long-distance movers, you are charged a base price mirrored in the size/weight of your shipment and factors in the distance of your new location.

You may also be charged for packing materials, transportation, and insurance. Be sure to ask the company about any additional charges that may apply to your move.

When getting an estimate from a long-distance moving company, it is important to know exactly what is included in the price. Some companies will charge for materials, fuel, and labor separately, while others will consist of all of these charges in one price.

Make sure you understand what is included in the estimate so there are no surprises when the bill comes. Upfront pricing is paramount!

moving damageWho is responsible if all my stuff is damaged in transit?

Movers are typically responsible for any damage to your belongings during transit. However, it is essential to read the company’s insurance policy carefully to understand what is covered. To be fully protected, it is recommended that you purchase additional insurance from the moving company.

Do your movers offer a packing service or do I need to find someone else for this service too?

Long-distance movers typically offer packing material and services, which can be a great way to save time and hassle. If you do not want to pack your belongings yourself, be sure to ask the company if they offer this great service.

Pink Elephant Movers offer a Full Pack Service, which takes care of all your boxed and fragile ones! Prices will certainly vary based on the size of your shipment; we will bring all of the moving boxes and packing supplies that you request and get to work, taking care of your moving needs so that every last item in your home is prepared in a highly professional manner and good to go!

You can hang back, relax, and watch while we work, that is until we take the chair from underneath you!!

moving help palo altoDo you have any pointers to assist me prepare for my move?

To prepare for your move, it is important to start packing early. Be sure to label all of your moving boxes and pack heavier items on the bottom. You may also want to consider hiring your movers to look after the packing.

What is your policy on returning deposits?

Your long-distance mover in the Bay Area will typically require a deposit when you reserve their services. Be sure to ask the carrier about their policy on returning deposits.

With Pink Elephant Movers, we try to make it as easy as possible for you to claim back your deposit in the event you need to pull out of your move.

moving deposit return

Are there any other charges that I should be aware of?

Be sure to ask the mover about any additional charges that may apply to your move, such as charges for transportation or packing materials.

What kind of insurance do your movers have?

Movers typically have insurance to cover damages that may occur to your belongings during transit. However, it is essential to read the company’s policy carefully to understand what is covered.

5 star moversCan I trust your movers with my most precious belongings?

When selecting a mover, it is vital to choose a reputable company that you can trust. Be sure to ask your chosen company about their insurance policy and track record for customer service.

If you have any doubts, choosing a different mover may be a good idea. An insured moving company is the only way to go when trusting professional movers with your moving process.

Why can’t I get an online quote? Why do I need to chat to somebody about all of it?

Like snowflakes, fingerprints, or even like wedding arrangements, no two house moves are alike! There are far too many factors loaded in the equation to throw you a round figure based on the size of your home.

You may live in a three-bedroom house, but you may only have half the amount of items as the previous customer relocating from a similar property. All we ask for is about 10-20 minutes of your time to find out which of your worldly possessions you want to entrust to us.

Fragile Items

Should you have any fragile items which require special care, it’s worth taking the time to let us know in advance. Alternatively, you can build your inventory using our unique interactive system if you’re unavailable to take our call as soon as you would like. Your sales rep will happily provide you with the ability to do this.

china cabinet fragile furniture


It Pays To Talk!

Take caution in accepting any instant online quotes from moving companies without first providing a comprehensive inventory, as the opportunity for miscommunication as well as last-minute extra charges will multiply exponentially!

If you want an amazing job carried out by the best movers, make sure you know exactly how much you’re spending.

Are you guys a moving carrier or a broker?

One of the most paramount choices you will make is which type of mover to choose when it comes to moving. There are two main types of movers: carriers and brokers.

Carriers are the companies that actually move your belongings. This means that they provide the trucks, the drivers, the movers, and all the padding and blanketing your items will require.

Brokers are companies that act as middlemen, matching you with a carrier. They themselves will not be carrying out the interstate move.

moving boxes

I’m not sure how many boxes I plan on moving! How can this quote be accurate?

Not to worry. Nobody EVER has the exact count of the number of boxes they are planning on moving! One way to maneuver around this is to give us a ball-park figure of the highest possible number of boxes you visualize yourself moving with.

We will then furnish you with an estimate based on that figure. Later on, when you have a clearer idea of your box count, we can go back and lower your estimate rather than increase it.


How are quotes based on space better than those based on weight?

Unless the moving specialists are willing to go to your house and weigh your household items as part of an estimate, there is no way to tell your furniture’s weight. They may bring your items to a weighing station to verify, but usually, that’s on moving day.

You have already committed to that particular company and whatever weight they quoted you over the phone by this point in the whole process.

Fixed dimensions of furniture items do not fluctuate as quickly as weight. For instance, a Queen Size bed frame will usually always have the measurements of every other Queen Sized bed.

However, the frame’s weight may differ tremendously depending on the materials used. This can result in another company possibly charging you a needlessly excessive amount for an item.

calculating cubic feetHow exactly can you calculate the cubic feet of my belongings over the phone?

An in-home inspection is the best way to calculate the size of your shipment. This will give you an accurate estimate of the number of boxes and furniture you will need to move, and it will help us provide the moving services you need.

In the event that an in-home inspection is not possible, there are two alternatives to compiling an inventory;

Our Interactive Inventory List

Our database contains a comprehensive list of household items with pre-programmed cubic feet for each item, working on the basis that a specific item will seldom exceeds the cubic feet assigned by the database (see the Queen Bed analogy from the last question).

moving inventory list

Measurements and Dimensions

A more crystallized way is for the customer to provide us with measurements of their items, a far less bothering task than you might think! All we ask for is the height, width, and depth of any furniture that is too large to be packed inside a box.

With clear measurements for all of your goods, the opportunity for ambiguity and confusion in your estimate is significantly reduced, and our hard-working movers can carry out your pickup on moving day in a more timely fashion.

palo alto movers customer satisfactionGreat customer service is important to me. Can I count on your company to remain in contact with me the entire time?

Great customer service is paramount! In addition to our team of movers carrying out an outstanding job with your moving services, you can also depend on our excellent customer service representatives to be in continuous communication with you from the day of your booking right up until your move is complete.


We want to ensure that all of your questions are answered and that you are kept up-to-date on the progress of your relocation every step of the way. Rest assured, our team will provide great customer service do everything possible to make sure the move goes as smoothly as possible!

Movers in Palo Alto Reviews

Bruce P.Bruce P.

“I was moving from Silicon Valley, and Pink Elephants’ hard-working movers did an excellent job and worked efficiently. They were very careful with my belongings and got the job done quickly. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and affordable moving company.”

Suzie McT.Suzie McT.

“I’ve had experience with international moving, so I knew what kind of services I was looking for in advance. I was moving from Palo Alto to San Francisco, and I needed fully licensed movers at the last minute. Pink Elephant Movers saved my move and did an absolutely fantastic job!”

Eoin O'S.Eoin O’S.

“When the team arrived, one crew member apologized for being “five minutes” late, which was totally OK. They did an amazing job moving everything out. The guys were professional, efficient, and careful with my belongings. These are the one movers I’d recommend!”

Jeffrey S.Jeffrey S.

“I’m hoping to make this my final move as I relocated to Florida and couldn’t be happier with the absolutely fantastic job that Pink Elephant Movers did for my move. They were extremely professional, quick, efficient, and careful with all of my belongings.”

Alejandra D.Alejandra D.

“They transformed what could have been a stressful moving job into a breeze. I also had a few items in a local storage unit, and the guys stopped off and collected my boxes. If you need an efficient service in Palo Alto and nearby areas, give Pink Elephants a call.”

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