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moving to san mateo iconVery few people enjoy moving, and if you are in this vast majority of unenthusiastic homeowners planning a local or long-distance move, you want to ensure the moving company in the San Francisco Bay Area you work with is reputable, professional, and will get the job done right.

Look no further than Pink Elephants on the Move, the best movers in San Mateo, CA, who are the right choice for your family and budget.

san mateo moving reviewWhat Our Customers Say

You are looking for excellent movers, and naturally, you will begin your search by reading online reviews of these movers. Past negative and positive experiences are a great way to really narrow down your search and find the ideal San Jose or San Mateo movers.

moving customer serviceWant to know what our customers are saying? Read the reviews, and you will see phrases like “great customer service,” “prompt and professional moving company,” and “best moving company.” Take it from our thousands of satisfied customers and look to Pink Elephants on the Move for all of your long-distance and local moving needs.

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moving services in san mateoHow to Know Which Type of Moving Services You Will Need

The majority of relocations are classified as either “local” or “long distance.” Understanding the big difference between the two is critical because, quite simply, knowing the contrast between the two will save you a lot of time, money, and headaches.

local moving company san mateoA local move refers to any time movers relocate your possessions within 50 to 100 miles of your current address. For example, suppose you are moving to another location in the San Francisco Bay Area, another portion of San Mateo, or San Carlos. In that case, the move will be classified as a local move and should be handled by professional local movers.

Local movers in San Mateo typically charge by the hour, making it more affordable for the consumer. Because of the short distance traveled, it is often easier to schedule your move to fit into your daily life.

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Moving Services In San Mateo

relocation iconAny relocation that is over 50 to 100 miles from your current location, whether the relocation is to another part of California or a site across the entire country, will be handled by long-distance movers in San Mateo.

The price structure for a long-distance move is different than a local move. For example, long-distance movers in San Mateo can charge by the mile, weight, or the cubic feet of goods being relocated. A long-distance mover may also require a fee upfront to hold the date, while others will require you to pay the full fee upfront.

professional moving company san mateoThe Unmatched Services We Offer

You’ve read the stellar customer reviews of our professional moving services but still aren’t convinced we are the best San Mateo moving company to meet all of your needs. Moving is more than just getting a few boxes from point A to point B. You also want to hire moving companies that can provide you with services beyond the heavy lifting performed by its hard-working crew.

At Pink Elephants On the Move, we offer a variety of services that will truly make your San Mateo moving experience as simple and uncomplicated as possible.

packing san mateoPacking services

Packing is never fun, and if you are like most hardworking parents and families, you simply just do not have the time or energy to fill boxes. Why not enjoy your life and, instead, leave the business of packing all of your precious belongings to us?

Our outstanding crew is tireless and dedicated and will pack up all of your cherished treasures, family heirlooms, and everyday stuff in the most careful and efficient way possible. Just imagine all the amazing fun you could have with your family and friends while we take on the burden of packing all your stuff!

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Professional Packing Services in San Mateo

storage solutions iconStorage solutions

Moving is often a slow and laborious venture. Unfortunately, if the process is not as straightforward as you would like, you might need to secure a storage unit to temporarily protect your furniture and other larger items. At the same time, you relocate from house to house.

climate storage san mateoInstead of spending your precious time researching storage providers, our team at Pink Elephants On the Go in San Mateo, we can discuss your temporary and long-term storage needs. Unlike the other guys, we have climate-controlled storage solutions on our site that are the perfect option to protect your furniture, electronics, and home goods until your movers can take your possessions to a new location.

pink elephants movers san mateoUnprecedented knowledge and experience

A family-owned operation, Pink Elephants On the Go, are the San Mateo movers with some of the most experience in the Silicon Valley and surrounding areas.

Hire us for all of your San Mateo moving needs. We will provide you with unparalleled service, unmatched experience, and an unwavering pledge that we will provide you with the most professional service from the moment you contact us on the phone or request a quote online.

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best movers san mateoWhat To Look for in a San Mateo Moving Company

With so many moving companies in the San Mateo and Bay Area, it can be truly challenging to narrow down your options. Begin by looking for a local or long-distance mover who is fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

Every moving company in San Mateo, CA, the San Francisco Bay area, and throughout California must be licensed to relocate your belongings legally. An insured moving company will have the coverage necessary to protect your belongings from accidental damage, loss, or vandalism during the moving process.

licensed bonded moving companyAn important point that some homeowners overlook is the importance of hiring a San Mateo moving company that is fully bonded. If the movers are not bonded, and for some reason, the San Mateo movers are not able to meet their obligations, you are protected. You will receive compensation for the unfulfilled service agreement.

The best moving companies are all fully insured, licensed, and bonded. When planning your next move, you should also choose a San Mateo moving company that provides you with all three assurances of their commitment to quality and safety.

storage iconMoving and Storage Services in San Mateo on a Different Level

The Pink Elephant On the Move team has been a custoDifferentite in San Mateo for several years, and for a good reason. We offer various moving services, including local and long-distance moving services, packing services, and storage solutions.

You wouldn’t use your own truck to move your most precious belongings, which is why our San Mateo, CA, movers have a fleet of well-maintained trucks that will make moving seamless.

If you are ready to start packing and start your San Mateo or Bay Area moving journey, don’t wait to schedule a free moving quote with one of our world-class customer service representatives.

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Frot The Truck Into The Storage Facility

moving quote iconWhat to Expect in Your Movers and In Your Moving Quote

You know what to expect from quality San Mateo Movers, but what should you expect to see in your moving quote? If you are hiring local movers, the San Mateo, CA, moving services company will provide you with a quote based on the expected hourly rate of the relocation.

In addition to this base hourly rate, there will be other costs on your initial quote. For example, if you have several pieces of heavy furniture that must be carried down a flight of stairs, you will typically be charged extra by the moving team for this part of the job.

moving policy san mateoWhen obtaining a quote for moving a longer distance than the greater San Mateo, CA area, there are several different ways you might be charged, depending upon the policy of that particular business.

commercial movers san mateo
Commercial Movers In San Mateo, CA

Once again, longer distance movers typically charge by the mile, the weight of your possessions, or the cubic feet of each room in the house.

long distance movers to san mateoThe San Mateo, CA, moving truck for both longer distances and local moves will be thorough and free of hidden fees. For example, some San Mateo movers will tack on surprise charges that the customer did not expect, such as a new charge for an extra truck, surcharges for specialty moving wardrobe boxes, or an unexpected bill for moving specific pieces of furniture.

Unlike other movers, it is a pledge to our customers that our team will provide you with a free and detailed quote, and you will not be surprised by unexpected charges and hidden fees on your moving day.

last day moversWhy Wait?

It is time to hire movers, and you don’t want to mess around with unprofessional moving companies that will charge hidden fees, have outdated equipment, or poor customer service. If you are finally ready to work with professional movers who are dedicated, timely, and will do the job right, look no further than Pink Elephants On the Move for all of your moving needs.

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Free Packing Materials With Every Local Move